YATEC is an incredible tool of God to touch lives and change them radically for Christ.  No matter if you are on team or going through as a candidate, the Holy Spirit works through each one of us in such a personal, unique way that we can take that love of Christ and pour it out to others.  It has been such an honor and a blessing to be called to serve at these weekends, and I have made some incredible friends and expanded my amazing family of God.  God has revealed to me that no matter what the challenge I can do anything with Him taking the lead.  I just have to move to the back of the bike and have faith that He knows where we are going!  What an adventure!  The body of Christ is amazing, and we have God to thank for that each and every day!  God bless!

Lori, Carlton, MN

I came to YATEC very nervous, but yet expecting my Lord to meet me there.  and he did in a big way. I was reminded through YATEC that Jesus died for me, and if it were only me, He still would have.  My thoughts were intentionally focused on Jesus, the cross, my sin and a bit of heaven.  through my small group I was remidned of how wonderful it is to bein christian fellowship and how we must surround ourselves with other believers, or we begin to wilt.  Other Believers water us and that is what YATEC 34 did for me. It watered my parched soil and brought me back to life again (spiritually speaking).

Karly, Hillsboro, KS

After being away at college and living a life for myself,  YATEC gave me the opprotunity to feel his grace and hear his voice.  This weekend helped me see how serving Him brings more joy into my life than serving myself
Jenny, Ponca, NE

YATEC was a great experience it made me feel loved and cared for.  God can get me through anything. He loves me no  matter what. I need not to worry about what the world and the people around me are like, it is God and I together working everything out! He gives me a hope for a future!

Judy, Parker, SD

YATEC is a place to meet the one true God.  Sometimes we just don't see Him in the day to day things or we forget.  It has reminded me time and time again to take the focus off of everything else (usually myself) and focus on Him.  And that is truly life-changing because He meets each one of us exactly where we are at.  From going through as a candidate to each time I have worked on team He has met me and sometimes changed the course I was on.  It's also a blessing to be in an environment where He can work freely and be a part of what is truly the body of Christ.
Ann, Willmar, MN